Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in France, the agricultural sector has been badly affected. With the closure of restaurants, canteens and markets, farmers have directly suffered the confinement of the population. So many farmers are left with surpluses that they will either have to throw away or sell off at a low price, but it is on the profits from these sales that farmers live, currently they are only used to pay for work and workforce.

With all these restrictions, only supermarkets are doing well, and today have a virtual monopoly on food sales. So farmers are turning more to short circuits and make their sales directly to the consumer or via "solidarity networks"

It is in this context that the DeNosTerres platform ( was born:
DeNosTerres is an aid platform for the marketing of agricultural products that connects farmers and citizens. It aims to improve and facilitate the marketing and access to agricultural products during this pandemic period.

Indeed, following the measures put in place to alleviate the pandemic in France, many farmers encounter difficulties in marketing their production. DeNosTerres is our contribution to the fight against the pandemic and our support for farmers.

The objectives of the platform are as follows:

  • Contribute to the reduction of the financial losses of farmers in difficulty,
  • Contribute to improving people's access to agricultural products,
  • Contribute to improving the income of farmers,
  • Contribute to reassuring the driving forces of the agricultural sector on the importance of their role within society,
  • Support the development of "local consumption" in order to reassure the populations on the efficiency of the French agro-food system.


The platform is intended for all farmers in French territory, including those who find themselves in a vulnerable situation, because for reasons of crisis they cannot sell their produce, or are looking for outlets for their surplus production.
But the platform is also aimed at all citizens to source agricultural products (fruits & vegetables, meats, dairy products, eggs, etc.) while supporting local agricultural producers and consuming local products and season.



How it works ?​

The operation of the platform is very simple :

  1. The producer informs on the platform the products he wishes to sell, the quantity available as well as the price (per gram, kilogram, unit ...)
  2. The user, wishing to consume locally, can carry out a search according to the product he is looking for and its location.
  3. He then selects the desired products and its quantities
  4. The producer validates the order
  5. Together, the producer and the consumer discuss the price, the quantities, but also the taking charge of the delivery (the producer delivers the order with a financial consideration, the consumer travels to the producer to collect his order, etc.)
  6. That's it! Consume local and support small producers in your region


The platform is still in the development phase and we wish to evolve collaboratively, your help is precious to us. So if you know farmers who might be interested in the platform, or if you yourself want to try the DeNosTerres experience DeNosTerres, you can contact us via the email address  or directly on the website