Global Consulting

MoonLoop supports financial institutions with knowledge and expertise in terms of Asset Liability Management, Economic valuation, Business Innovation, Actuarial reporting, IT Systems … The Global consulting department provides also IT project management expertise with knowledge in insurance, financial and digital revolution issues.


MoonLoop has multi-national and multi-lingual consultants with a wealth of experience at some of the world’s largest insurers and consultancies. Our consultants dedicate themselves to getting the very best results for our clients.


Research & Development   

The R&D team combines both fundamental and applied research and aimed at discovering solutions to problems or creating new goods and knowledge. It contributes to MoonLoop’s purpose of Empowerment of the World, its individuals, its development and its economy. The R&D team focus on getting a deep understanding of the society, its patterns of social relationships, social interaction, culture and rules which drives day-to-day life.
This enable to apprehend the future challenges such as technology, environment and human that the world faces. Our team aims to build the better future by playing a role in children’s education. It has built strong partnerships with experts in the area with vulnerable population to get all the necessary resources to address the challenges they are facing.


Actuarial Modelling


MoonLoop team provides actuarial modelling and IT Innovative solutions. MoonLoop has experienced and qualified experts to help with various tasks such as Model implementation, Actuarial transformation, Model validation, Model review, ALM development, data/Model migration and modelling projects. Our team can support insurers with the Actuarial function in their modelling process: Solvency II, IFRS17, ORSA, reinsurance optimization and financial reporting.


MoonLoop provides unparalleled access to expert resources and personalized service to our customers.


Solution & Innovation

The world is changing – and innovation acts as a catalyst for growth and success. Businesses that fail to innovate are more likely to lose market share and suffer reduced productivity. Our team implements innovative technology to empower the society and its individuals. The team is working on different projects such as:


  • The Implementation a new accounting management tools
  • The Implementation of a platform where buyer and seller can meet easily.
  • The design of adapted banking and insurance solutions for African markets.
  • Solution allowing customers to make money transfers between mobile competing services and push the barriers of the financial ecosystem.